Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere
The second of two albums that lead up to the band's masterpiece Satori, Anywhere sees the band drifting closer to that sound and style with the addition of singer Akira "Joe" Yamanaka who's ferocious vocals would come to
elevate the band in later years. The album is, with the exception of an intro and an outro, made up entirely of reinterpretations but the way in which the band handles them distinguishes it from dozens of other cover albums that were released around the same time. Launching into explorative renditions of Muddy Waters'"Louisiana Blues" and King Crimson's "20th Century Schizoid Man", the band manages to make them both their own and ultimately elevate them above simple cover territory. Also notable is the band's take on Black Sabbath's eponymous jam, a tough nugget for any band to cover but one that Yamanaka nails with ease; which should come as no surprise to anyone who's heard his Ozzy-like yelps on their follow-up Satori. This is definitely not the band's best but its a crucial piece of the puzzle that led to their pinnacle. Also notable for its naked biker cover art which lead to more than a few people picking it up on its original release I'm sure.

[MP3] Flower Travellin' Band - Twenty First Century Schizoid Man

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