Colleen Green

Honestly Colleen Green had us at Nobunny. Her cover of "I Am a Girlfriend" was our entry point into her catalog and it only seems to have blossomed from there. Over the last couple of singles, EP and now her first album Green has maintained her detached, slacker vibe and honeyed coo that often come of like Juliana Hatfield strapped to a drum machine and driven around in the backseat boredom of your youth. There's nothing complicated or especially groundbreaking about Milo Goes to Compton and at times it lifts rifts and themes wholesale but Colleen's never shied away from declaring her love for saccharine pop with bummer themes and she's expressed this homage openly. The entire album ends up a love letter to bedroom bounce and lovesick hearts. It’s short and sweet and coy and bare and kinda everything you could ask for in a pop record short of some production. Who knows, maybe that's coming somewhere down the line, but for now it seems that Green's opened her diary to the world and hit play.

[MP3] Colleen Green - Worship You

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