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Blues Creation's Demon and Eleven Children and their self titled debut are true lost classics, and ones that we've talked about before, but lost somewhere in the cracks is this one off the band recorded with
Japanese chanteuse Carmen Maki. The band kicks up the heat with a few guitar scorchers that rival some of the material on their more well known(ish) releases. The fare here stays pretty close to the blues-based interpretations and derivations that they were known for but the addition of Maki's powerful vocals take the formula to new heights. Obviously drawing inspiration from her American counterparts in powerful delivery, Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, Maki slots herself alongside recent rediscoveries like Sarolta Zalatnay and Shocking Blue's Mariska Veres in the sorely overlooked talent department. The album tempers to a smoldering tempo in the midsection but picks up again as it culminates in a notable rendition of "St. James Infirmary". Earlier issues of this have had the benefit of a few bonus tracks that show the band in the live setting but hearing the original on vinyl after all these years seems its own reward without their addition.

[MP3] Carmen Maki & Blues Creation - Understand

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Airplane rising... Cool song, thanks.

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Awesome stuff

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