Shannon and the Clams

Another one that slipped away from us this year. Shannon Shaw, she of Hunx and His Punx fame, has quite a good thing going in her own regard with the fuzz licked doo-wop leaners that The Clams pump out. Not as swooningly candy coated as the gems that she's become such an integral part of with Sir Hunx, but the touch of grit does her well. I'm said to say that her past releases have escaped me, perhaps it was the name, then again RSTB is no stranger to a plethora of tongue in and out of cheek band names so what was the hesitation. Anyhow it’s a good thing this landed on the Raven turntable, even if it was a bit too late to really get into our 2011 rotation. Also of note are a few of The Clams' latest videos, brought to life with a campy touch by Grass Widows' own Hannah Lew. Check out the video below and do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Sleep Talk when you get the first chance.

[MP3] Shannon and the Clams - Sleep Talk

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE
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