The Doozer

Seems the Woodsist roster now has a case of contention for which artist is more likely to grab the Syd Barrett comparisons. Like his labelmate Tim Presley of White Fence, The Doozer has a seemingly endless love for the off-kilter pop sensibilities that made Barrett such a unique soul. The fourth release sees The Doozer heading away from his previous lonesome, one man approach; roping in 11 collaborators for the album and fleshing out the psych-folk palette that showed such promise on his last full-length for the venerable Siltbreeze. Each listen reveals new layers of pluckish charm via a swarm of strings, thrift store brass and a grassy knoll witticism that feels like a trip through the rosy colored glasses of the 60's mindset. If you like your Floyd with a sidecar of acid and kaleidoscopic perspective then The Doozer is certainly one to put on your 2012 list.

[MP3] The Doozer - Fold Up Chair

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