Jakob Olausson

Jakob Olausson's been pretty quiet for the last few years. His album Moonlight Farm arose out of the Swedish countryside as a surprise jewel amongst an onslaught of psychedelic folk at the time of its release. Olausson's record felt ripped out of time, a lost artifact from the private press era, hung quickly with labels like loner folk and lost classic. That same feeling of stumbling on a hushed treasure from a lost soul is readily apparent from the first listens of Morning and Sunrise. Olausson, it seems, has kept the world's influences at bay and wrung out another soul weary album of folk songs from his dusted strings. Songs that seem destined for dawn reflections and lonesome meditation. Its easy to see why the current folk elite have praised Olausson for so many years (he's opened in the past for Wooden Wand, been written up by Ben Chasney and stands to open for Woods next year), there seems to be a kindred spirit in his attention to folk's past. His ability to channel echoes of Skip Spence or Gary Higgins feel effortlessly timeless in an age when genrefication seems to date everything. As I said earlier this week, don't count 2011 done yet. There are still more surprises at the end of the year.

Listen: Jakob Olausson - Riding on the Wind

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