Golden Calves

It's no secret that we're fairly large Wooden Wand fans around here but due to timing, RSTB's documentation doesn't span much further back than the Vanishing Voice days. Well now, thanks to Woodsist, the world's getting another chance to check into Toth's early days as Golden Calves. Money Band LP + Century Band 12" collects the early days of Toth's first LP recorded at a practice space called The Cave in Purchase NY. The album's got a noise/free folk strain running through it that recalls (admittedly by Toth) a debt to Jandek, Tower Recordings and The Godz. It's definitely the sound of someone enraptured by where music can lead a listener. It's full of underground echoes and tonal studies crusted with the lonesome whisper of noise shadows. The album caught the ear of quite a few underground critics and appreciators including Byron Coley, Clint Simonson from De Stijl and Thurston Moore; the latter of which Toth would release a three-way split with. This split is also included in the release and show's Toth pushing his boundaries even further.

For those as caught up as we are in the WW/VV axis and trajectory this remains as a key part of the puzzle finally available to fans but its just as enticing to any and all who've gotten hooked on Jandek or Tower Recordings over the years. This one's limited (though not as much as its original run, naturally) so best not to sleep on this one.

[MP3] Golden Calves - Mod Bacteria (for Fred Neil)
[MP3] Golden Calves - In The Centre Of The Ring They Are Torturing A Bear

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