Ty Segall – Spiders 7"
Ty fires back after a pretty packed year with a follow-up single to Goodbye Bread that packs three great tracks onto on scrap of plastic. The A-side's a trip to fuzzier territories than Segall's recently been encamped in, but any fan of his past
work should find themselves in familiar territory. On the flip, in true TS fashion, there's a cover that gets a nice stamp of the Segall signature sound. The fact that it was already a stellar Groundhogs original only makes it more enticing. Chances are you know the drill by now, if you're a fan, then you know that your collection won't be complete without this one. Pick it up!

Listen: Ty Segall - Cherry Red

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Blogger mdm said...

very solid release... the groundhogs cover is excellent.

2:56 PM  

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