Tubeway Army - Tubeway Army
Gary Numan would become gain more footing with this album's follow-up and become a household name with The Pleasure Principle, released under his own name but this is where it all began. The band cut a previous single for Beggars
Banquet called "That's Too Bad" that followed a tried and true punk palette but immediately following its release Numan fell in love with the sound of the Moog and decided to apply synthesizers to the punk aesthetic. Incorporating a fair amount of icy cool via Kraftwerk's influence on the time, Tubeway Army were able to push the nihilism of punk through the dystopian valves of Krautrock's clockwork universe. The album rarely flags in its ability to create the sound that would come to be synonymous with Numan and though their next album would rank higher on a list of favorites if pressed, the debut is an often overlooked classic that shows the band really coming into themselves.

[MP3] Tubeway Army - My Shadow in Vain

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