Thee Oh Sees

Seems like we were just talking about this one and now its on the speakers. Thee Oh Sees kick out their second long player of the year and its a true burner. Originally intended to be released as two EPs (hence the split title) the album is surprisingly cohesive and definitely a little less sprawlingly ambitious than its predecessor. Carrion Crawler/The Dream is a true to form, full-steam Oh Sees album. Fans of Dwyer and co.'s red-lined, yelp strewn thunder-punk will no doubt find refuge amongst the tracks here. Castlemania proved they can push the boundaries but this follow-up proves that the boundaries can push right back. Thee Oh Sees are one of the current great live garage acts and sometimes the fury just has to be put down on tape. Carrion Crawler/The Dream goes a long way towards bringing the live energy to tape. Reportedly this one was meant to "pummel and throb". Seems like a goal well accomplished.

[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - The Dream

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Blogger Kevin said...

I am so psyched for this record. Thee Oh Sees have been one of my favorite bands ever since I saw them live a few years back. They brought their instruments outside to play on the Rotture deck in Portland, OR and the whole deck about caved in from all the moshing from the crowd.

Loved Castlemania too, but can't wait for this one!




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