Secret Affair - Glory Boys
Secret Affair met with a barrage of Jam comparisons on their arrival in 1979 but after the release of Glory Boys which showcased a much less dour attitude than anything in Weller's canon, most of those were dismissed. In fact, the band's
decision to add brass to several songs actually prompted The Jam to do the same sometime later. The album's full of Mod rockers that have an upbeat feel and a couple of the songs enjoyed time on the charts in the UK. Unfortunately for them the Mod revival began to wane in the next year when they released their sophomore album and the band's strong alliances to the scene made it difficult for them to distance themselves in the wake of its implosion. In 1982, after their third album they decided to call it quits but Glory Boys will always stand as an essential time-piece of the Mod sound.

[MP3] Secret Affair - Let Your Heart Dance

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