Psychic Ills

Its been a while since we've heard from Psychic Ills. Their last album wandered far of the charts and into the psychedelic jam territory, with lengthy space-outs and little tethering them to the ground. The arrival of Hazed Dream sees the band wandering back towards concise song form; though not as jagged and dark as their early rumblings but definitely reigned in from the exploratory impulses that fed Mirror Eye. The album has a soft focus hangover and sunbaked blues shuffle that seems to be reflected in the desert dream cover art. Its as if the band has woken up from the bender of their last few years' indulgences and is slowly taking in their new state of mind amidst the arid heat of the Mojave hills. Its a good resolution for the arc of their psychedelic journey; from the bitter narcotic pool of Dins to a wizened and calmed essence of where psychedelia stands today in the hindsight of age.

Psychic Ills - Mind Haze

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