Nathan Salsburg

A folk historian who has spent time presenting and documenting music for East Village Radio, Drag City and The Alan Lomax Archive, Salsburg has finally put his study into practice with his first album, Affirmed. Built around bare, solo picking with a bittersweet lilt that's fitting of its subject matter, Salsburg's opus of racehorses is one of the most accomplished displays of fingerpicking we've heard in the last few years. Its bound to get him lumped in with the inevitable Fahey and Basho comparisons but his playing bears much of the soul of Suni McGrath and the studied pacing (though maybe not the complexity) of Leo Kottke. Any fan of the style would be well advised to pick up Salsburg's long incubating account of a horse's burden.

[MP3] Nathan Salsburg - Sought & Hidden

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