Dull Knife picks up the second album from post-punk doomsayers Balaclavas. The Texas crew hovers perpetually in the darkest corners, slinking with knives and shades equally drawn. The band has an aptitude for weaving insistent rhythms, twisting with sickness, with a nail scratched doom-punk that befits titles like "Shit Meridian." The second time around the tape spool hasn't left the boys any less intense. Snake People gnaws on bad vibes like raw wire, spits blood and shrugs it off like just another day. Their fist record always felt like it should come from a place more barren than Houston and the second installment takes no detours in that respect. This is the soundtrack to Flint, MI or Gary, IN; the kind of places where the sun only occasionally shines through the smoke to bake you to a miserable crisp. This is the sound of pavement stretching to chain link for miles. Still no matter where they're from and what's channeled into it, the band have found a way to record the gnash of teeth well.

[MP3] Balaclavas - Legs Control

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