Just beginning to fully soak in this engrossing early entry from new British label Public Information and its heavy dose of retro-futurist synth is definitely a good place to start. Aaron David Ross (nee ADR) is better known to most as one half of the more beat inclined Gatekeeper but here he's in full on 70's soundtrack mode. Some elements of Ross' haunted sci-fi skitter cross over in the ominous tones and tape-melted analog tones that inhabit Solitary Pursuits but for the most part its a much more meditative offering than we've heard from him previously. There have been no shortage of synth pioneers of late but it certainly seems that Ross has the genre's heart tapped and he seems to be bringing a sense of Library soundtrack funk to the table that evokes the highest end of the 70's incarnation of the genre. One for the turntable, so track this down on vinyl as soon as possible.

[MP3] ADR - Jupiter Rising

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Anonymous Robespierre said...

Nee ADR? That's a weird maiden name! And a weird maiden!

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