Yussuf Jerusalem

Its been a while since Yussuf Jerusalem's first record quietly crept into consciousness. Wrapped in lo-fi pop and folk but with that odd spot of black metal at the front, it was definitely an unexpected joy when it hit our ears back in '08. Benjamin Daures has backed down much of the soft focus nostalgia in favor of crisp concoctions with a dusted country touch. There's still a blast of metal to rock your moorings before the record gets moving (seems to be his calling card) but from there things even out into some genuinely fine troubadour moves. Good news is that time doesn't seem to have affected Daures' ability to craft a catchy hook and Blast From the Past is full of a few but supplanted with a newfound sense of grit, snarl and roadwear that feels like a natural progression from his first record. Coming at you courtesy of the folks at Florida's Dying once again.

[MP3] Yussuf Jerusalem - At The End Of The World

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