You'd think with one great album from Bad Sports already under his belt this year Orville Neeley would be spent, but it seems that Mr. Neely's a tireless sort and thus we're treated to the debut full length from his OBN III's project as well. Acting sort of like the more raucous, rebellious little brother to Bad Sports, The One and Only strips away some of the glossier bits of power pop from Neely's songwriting palette and leaves the gritty, sweat-soaked leather and denim crunch of punk with a Stooges swagger and a glint of mischief in both eyes. Decidedly higher fidelity than the rash of pre-album singles but still stripped to the bare essentials. This one's for those who dig their urges primal and their rock ripped to the teeth. A damn fine rock record indeed.

[MP3] OBN III's - New Innocence

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