For a modern Japanese psych band, carrying the pedigree of an ex-White Heaven member in your ranks is quickly catches the eye of RSTB; throw in ties to LSD-March, Broom Dusters, High Rise and Acid Mothers Temple and we're pretty much sold. In the vein of all of the above, Mininokoto's latest takes the PSF psych route combining Velvets-styled downtempo strums with moments of eye-of-the-hurricane guitar squall that one would expect from some of its members' connections. Hitoyogiri, the band's first for Important Records, is a doom laden trip sountracked by the disciples of space blues, with many of the tracks starting out somber and reserved before erupting into torrents of feedback and fuzz. In other words, just what you've been looking for.

[MP3] Miminokoto - Midsummers End

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Blogger link rae said...

please note though:

"Please don't buy any Miminokoto's HITOYOGIRI CDs you may see in shops & online. The wrong album made it onto the records and they're being recallled. Now Important Records is on the way of Re-print HITOYOGIRI. I will tell you all when they arrived. Cheers.
Suzuki Junko"

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