Leyland Kirby

James Leyland Kirby has been incredibly busy this year, with the start of his Intrigue & Stuff 12" series, a beautiful album under his Caretaker moniker and now a proper follow up to Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was under his own name. Gorgeously somber, with Kirby's trademark bits of debris and age clouding the filter, Eager To Tear Apart The Stars lays into your heart, burrowing deep into the most carefully guarded stockpiles of ennui your subconscious has to offer. His deceptively minimalist pieces carry more heft and emotion in one track's subtle shifts of tone than most pop songs can convey in whole albums. It’s easy to see why some circles have rallied around Kirby as a master of the form and his latest only solidifies that reputation.

[MP3] Leyland Kirby - The Arrow of Time

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