Bill Orcutt

There have been a fair number of acoustic, fingerpicked albums on RSTB and though most of them run through the territories that would run experimental on most listener’s charts, for the most part they're pretty melodic sons of bitches. Bill Orcutt has never been a man accused of lulling anyone into melodic territories. His history in Harry Pussy is a testament to free rock chaos and the subsequent solo work on Editions Mego was an assalt on the acoustic guitar and the idea of what sounds might coming out of it. His follow-up, How The Thing Sings, again on the Editions Mego imprint is a frantic, possessed record that tears a rift into the histories of acoustic blues and feeform noise. It’s a ball of frustration and expression and exuberance and anger and joy. Orcutt's playing feels like a trapped animal allowed freedom only if it can express its pain through a guitar thrown into its cage. From the sound of things it’s damn well time to let that man free.

[MP3] Bill Orcutt - Til I Get Satisfied

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Anonymous Yair Yona said...

Sounds like Pharaoh Sanders' cried of peace of all sorts, just, you know, with a guitar.

9:48 AM  

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