The Wolfhounds - Lost But Happy The Wolfhounds 1986 - 1990
Plenty has been said about C-86 - the compilation, the movement and the bands that enjoyed success from association with the movement. Most of the bands on the original tape fall into the
kind of sprightly jangle-pop that's becoming a touchstone for more than a few Captured Tracks / Slumberland alumni. However, on its release The Wolfhounds stuck out as a stylistic departure from the bounce and jangle of their compiled compatriots. In fact it seems odd that a band often noted for smashing together The Smiths, VU and The Fall even made it onto those celebrated spools at all. Following their inclusion the band made three records that, unlike many lost classics, weren't so much critical darlings as they were ardent fan favorites. That those fans weren't all that overwhelmingly numerous may have lead to their eventual dissolution. Singles like "Cruelty" (woefully absent here) and the crackingly ahead of its time "Anti-Midas Touch" became bedroom anthems in their own right. The band put together this compilation of singles, band favorites and a few rarities sums up their career quite nicely, though its worth tracking down their excellent first album Unseen Ripples From a Pebble as well. Cherry Red has done the world a service wrapping this one together and its easy to say that no 80's playlist is complete without a few of these.

[MP3] The Wolfhounds - Anti-Midas Touch

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