Keith Freund

Constant Comments is a startlingly beautiful but bittersweet record that sees the guitarist wrapping field recordings into his cloud flecked patches of guitar in a way that bubbles with ennui. With its sounds of children playing and water lapping underpinning Freund's slow drip plucking; the album begins to feel like a parallel for the American suburban dream. Gazing out over endless expanses of cookie cutter subdivisions filled with playgrounds and conveniences and realizing that somewhere along the line the dream of comfort left a hole too big to be filled inside you. Though the album is languid and for the most part calm, there's a restlessness between the notes that feels unsettled. Its easy to see why Freund has been tapped as a collaborator for fellow Ohioan Mark McGuire as his ability to channel the guitar into an instrument of texture definitely seems on par with the Emeralds member.

[MP3] Keith Freund - From Balch Street

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