Jacuzzi Boys

This is one of those 2011 albums that couldn't land fast enough. Since its announcement anticipation has been palpable around the RSTB HQ and now at long last we've gotten a chance to check out Glazin' in all its neon Floridian glow. From quick outward appearances the band seems to have smoothed some of their weirder tenancies; with this one lacking any crocodile wrestling odes or beach-orgy cover art, but don't think the boys have gone soft on us just yet. Still crackling with the off-kilter sense of swamp twang that's always made their records so instantly addictive, Glazin' packs hooks that dig at the skin and refuse to let up. Jacuzzi Boys have always represented the seamy side of the Floridian experience, off-kilter humor built at townie bars, caked with rusted pinball cool and greased easy with plastic palm oil. When the tempos burn there's no denying the band's easy prowess but just as they've always managed, the album pulls a soft punch at the end that knocks twice as hard. Top to bottom this one is the kind of record that returns to the turntable year in and year out.

[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - Cool Vapors

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