Fusioon - Absolute Fusioon
Spanish prog/psych band Fusioon make no attempt to hide their intentions with a name that blatant. The sound is absolutely a jazz/rock fusion that brings to mind jazz proggers Egg with more than a few elements of Goblin or Emerson Lake
and Palmer slipping in via some of their more organ heavy tracks. This was the first of three albums for the Barcelona four piece. They went on to follow it with Fusioon II and Minorisa, a collector's fave that combines three long tracks leaning heavily into King Crimson territory. As usual Finders Keepers has dug up a sorely overlooked gem and put it back into the world once again. The Finders Keepers / B-Music label was hit fairly hard by the recent PIAS warehouse fire so be sure to support them with some sales below so they can keep reissuing the best underground psych.

[MP3] Fusioon - Cyclos

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE

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