Zodiac Free Arts Club

The original Zodiac Club or Zodiac Free Arts Lab was founded in Berlin in 1967 as a space for artists to come and create experimental and psychedelic music. It was filled with instruments that were free to use in any way they saw fit and as such it became a fertile ground for collaboration and experimentation. Some four decades late "Argy" the main spirit behind Zodiac Free Arts Club has sought to recreate the experience, opening his own space late in the last decade with the same concept and aim. Following a collaboration with Manuel Göttsching in 2010 the young artist was inspired to create an album of his own in the tradition of Cluster, Neu!, Popul Vuh and the gamut of Kosmische bands from the 70's. The result is Floating World, a perfect tribute to the nebulous past of German Experimental music while remaining easily at home with the current crop of analog pioneers.

[MP3] Zodiac Free Arts Club - Floating World

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