You - Electric Day
The explosion of synth enthusiasts of late has lead many to look back to the origins of airy new age and Kosmiche masters, and while the genre may seem completely combed through its always possible for a few lost gems to sift to the surface.
Case in point was the recent reissue of Harald Grosskopf's Synthesist and in similar fashion two releases from You, mixed by Grosskopf have surfaced via Bureau B (responsible for similarly minded reissues of Cluster, Rodelius.) The first side of Electric Day is all Krautrock pulse and analog synth chatter of the kind that would make Oneohtrix, Radio People and Dylan Ettinger snap to attention. The release mellows a bit into the etheral plain on the second side but never loses its distinct edge. If you've been digging any of the aforementioned artists then Albin Meskes and Udo Hanten's works as You should jump to the top of your wishlist.

[MP3] You - Electic Day

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