Back in 2008 HNY issued Here You Can Touch The Sky on Ranky Tanky Tapes in a sorely limited run and it slipped from the view of the majority of the buying public. She went on to issue similarly great tapes through Not Not Fun and Goaty while shredding the sax on the side in Social Junk. Still, that 2008 tape remained a classic of her catalog, recalling U.S Girls at her most acerbic and static scorched. Now as the fates would have it, Amethyst Sunset has put this frizzled classic back into print and on swirly orange vinyl no less. If you missed it the first time (which is almost undoubtedly the case as it was pretty scarce) its highly recommended that you add this to your shelf. The reissue even contains a bonus track that never made it to tape!

[MP3] HNY - Hot Like the Sun

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