Dead Moon - Unknown Passage
For many newcomers and younger generation enthusiasts, their first entry point to the Dead Moon universe is likely Sub Pop's great collection Echoes of the Past. This comp does a good job of introducing the band over the years but for
many it also left them with the realization that these full albums were unobtainable, or at least only viably sourced through eBay. So RSTB received the news that the venerable Mississippi Records was reissuing the first three Dead Moon albums on their original vinyl format with something of a wicked smile. This, their second release, was definitely one of the strongest they've ever put together. It's a crushing mixture of hard rockers and turbulent, moody ballads that puts many other albums released around the time to shame. As with all Dead Moon items, who knows how long this will stick around so if you're so inclined, I'd recommend picking it up swiftly.

[MP3] Dead Moon - A Miss of You

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