The Haxan Cloak

Just because the barren days of winter have long since retreated behind us, that doesn't mean we've lost our interest in bleak, frigid soundscapes. Though The Haxan Cloak might be better suited to grey skies and harvest rituals, its a welcome record no matter what season. Melding the ominous overtones and looming low frequencies of KTL and Sunn o))) with prepared strings and sound forged scrapings that could inhabit Svarte Greiner's kingdom; the record plays out nightmarish ambience that could suck the heat out of any room. The moniker is the alias of Bobby Krillic who's able to imbue a lifetime of dread into every minute of his self-titled debut (proper) album. CD's are out now but a vinyl pressing is in the works but its highly recommended listening on either format.

[MP3] The Haxan Cloak - The Fall

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