Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw

Two of RSTB's favorites team up to bring out the best in dark, balmy psych. The crews hooked up for an improv session at Texas radio station KVRX and the results appear here on Night Gallery with minimal editing, just a few breaks for flow. And damn does this thing flow. It's easy to see how both parties could find solace in one another's work and the collaboration brings out a heaviness not always found in Stallones' solo work, bringing this closer to the feeling of a scorched Magic Lantern release; though that's no discredit to Mahood and Bindeman's ability to put a bit of the Tap's space-fuzz guitar stamp on there as well. In short, it comes out like a dream collaboration that seemed nothing if not inevitably brilliant from the conception.

[MP3] Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw - Night Gallery III

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