Religious Knives

It's been three years since The Door throbbed its way into the world and Religious Knives have been sorely missed in the interim. Making an obvious jump to Sacred Bones, the band releases one of their most unshakeable albums yet; walking the line between Krautrock's hammered pace and psych's fractured shadows. Smokescreen is a fitting title for the Knives' latest, obscured in ripples of mercurial psychedelics, it’s almost easy to underestimate the leaden punch that the band packs. Anchored by Maya Miller's organ and the submerged buzzsaw of Michael Bernstein's guitar, the album writhes with life just below its foggy exterior. Add to the package one of Sacred Bones' best covers yet and this one jumps to the essential list fairly quick.

[MP3] Religious Knives - The Message

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