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This one comes loaded with excitement for RSTB. If you've been a reader for any length of time you'd know there are few bands that we've followed with as much intense interest as Kyle Thomas' King Tuff. So when Thomas abandoned the project to pursue Happy Birthday we were bummed but rewarded with a delightfully off-kilter pop record that seemed to ease the pain. Having all but resigned ourselves to never seeing the Tuff live, the wounds had just begun to heal when Thomas and crew began to play a few shows this year and they absolutely killed here in NYC. Now the band is releasing a track for Scion's superb garage 7" series and it's another killer from the King's mouth. For those only familiar with the band's Was Dead album, this will be the first time "Hands" hits your ears, but the track originally appeared on the sorely limited Mindblow CD-r. It's been completely reworked and rerecorded, though, and it's been supercharged into a hot piece of glam rock candy the way only King Tuff can. Check it out below and keep those fingers crossed for a new album!

King Tuff - Hands by ScionAV

More info: HERE
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