Marijata - This Is Marijata
It seems that the wealth of African psych, funk and psych-funk records never ceases these days, but there's still plenty of quality to be mined from the region's generous history. Academy LPs teamed up again with VooDoo Funk to release one of
the most consistently sought after collector's pieces, the debut by Marijata. This Ghanian funk band caries no trace of psych in sight; instead laying down a potent stew of poly-rhythmic beats, horn stabs and steamy guitar licks. The track below is an unremastered original rip, but be reassured that the crew at Academy et al have taken pains to whip this album back into the shape it deserves to be presented in. Its hard to tell if this is more of an essential funk release or an essential African release but naturally the answer is that its most likely both.

[MP3] Marijata - Break Through

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