Desptite the cuddly pink elephant and pastel yellows on the cover of Cosmonauts self-titled LP, the band carries no traces of the twee that might infer. Instead the California foursome carry a much sharper edge up their sleeves, wading into territory that's owned by The Black Angels and Spacemen 3 while giving things their own 60's punk slap in the face. The LP was originally issued as a tape on Burger Records before landing on wax at Chicago's own Permanent. A pretty potent record considering the young ages of its craftsmen, but its clear that this debut promises more sweet sickness down the road. A pretty great year shaping up indeed for the young guns of psych-punk; with The People's Temple, The Paperhead and now Cosmonauts taking the reigns, and any year that's a great one for psych-punk is a pretty good one in our books.

[MP3] Cosmonauts - Neon Kids
[MP3] Cosmonauts - T.V. California

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