Co-Premiere :: Psychedelic Horseshit - "French Countryside"

With Psychedelic Horseshit it's often easy to let main brain Matt Whitehurst's mouth make up people's decisions about the band before they even hear a note. The songwriter has a history of verbally battling contemporaries in the press (Wavves, No Age) and a knack for agitation; but the man's always said if he could just get into a studio and get some fidelity behind him he had a hell of a record in him. So the first rule of Laced is "forget everything you think you know about Psychedelic Horseshit." The record weaves noise and melody through each other so often is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Hooks bubble quickly out of static and fade into samples of chatter. Noise is crafted into a tool of rhythm. Whitehurst has amped up his sonic palette and made a record that slaloms through pop chunks, extended psychedelic jams that would befit the band's namesake and electronic collages that far exceed the limitations of any of their previous releases. "French Countryside" is just the first taste of this fractured behemoth.

[MP3] Psychedelic Horseshit - French Countryside

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