Various Artists – Thai? Dai! - The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground
Finders Keepers continues to mine the encapsulated musical movements that spread in the wake of the West's movement into heavier musical grounds; though
the relative "heaviness" of the Thai tunes on display here is fairly subdued relative to a worldwide scale. Not quite as chock full of heavy fuzz as their excellent Well Hung and The BYG Deal comps, but still a satisfying mix of indigenous song and Western amplifier bleed to be sure. The level of unhingedness may well stem from a point that Finder's makes in the liner notes to Thai? Dai!, this music wasn't necessarily imbued with a sense of rebellion and protest that fueled much of the U.S., U.K. and certainly their African counterparts. Here the bands bend their urban and folk sounds with electric instrumentation and an imitation of sounds heard on American import records. The result brings some surprising combinations, such as on the opening track which kicks heavily into a riff that sounds like it might be an "Iron Man" cover before taking a decidedly folksy turn that in no way resembles the sounds they're clearly emulating. Elsewhere funk stabs and 60's pop marimbas bounce against an urban Thai swing for a concoction that feels as strangely timeless as a Madlib record. Overall, another excellent addition to Finder's Keepers' roster.

[MP3] Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
[MP3] Plearn Promdan - Ruk Kum Samong

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