Shinki Chen - Shinki Chen
Shinki Chen is often cited as one of the forefathers of the Japanese psychedelic movement. After some time in Food Brain, he went on to form the short lived but often name-checked Speed, Glue and Shinki. Around the same time that
their album Eve was recorded, Chen made this album, also referred to as Shinki Chen and Friends. The album showcases Shinki's Hendrix-indebted style, though run through a much murkier and fuzz laden process than anything his idols would have recorded. Over the course of this album its apparent that Shinki is never a man in a hurry; his lumbering rock moves at a glacial pace, latching onto a heavy blues rumble, augmented by a wail of organ and the distant thud of drums. Notably the album features George Yanagi from Flied Egg and RSTB fave Strawberry Path on bass and vocals. Shortly after this was recorded, Shinki's time in Speed, Glue and Shinki ended and so too did his desire to record. He spent the rest of his time as a live player, bolstered by a reputation that enabled such a move. This though is a great touchstone for collectors of Japan's psychedelic renaissance.

[MP3] Shinki Chen - Freedom Of A Mad Paper Lantern

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