Red Electric Rainbow

Daniel D. Smith has an extensive catalog that spans dozens of cassettes, CD-rs and digital releases and now Aguirre Records is on the verge of releasing his vinyl debut. Recorded using mostly a Nord Lead 2, the album bubbles with textures that lend themselves easily to fans of Oneohtrix, Mist, Outer Space and the current crop of cosmic travelers traversing the analog plain. Tipped with a bit of loneliness, Dark Days slips into a bittersweet euphoria that seems both blissful and yet paralyzingly solitary. Daniel is also a fixture in the Chicago/Midwest experimental set, organizing last year's Neon Marshmallow Festival along with Matt Kimmel of the Acid Marshmallow Blog. As with the Sean McCann LP this one will be available soon from Aguirre themselves and Stateside shortly from Tomentosa, Aquarius and Mimaroglu.

[MP3] Red Electric Rainbow - Ferris Wheel

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Anonymous Sean Orr said...

Funny that when seeing the pic with the drums I imagined this track having drums.

10:14 PM  

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