Though there's been a rather sizable explosion of dark-tinged pop over the last year, most of it lacks a distinct sense of the weird. Coldwave and its disciples tend to lack something of a sense of fun which works out well in the propelled rhythm department but sometimes comes off as overly serious. Enter Providence's Sasha Weisman, an on again, off again member of Russian Tsarlag who's taken the synths and pulse from the darkwavers and injected it with her own bizarre sense of reality. Anyone familiar with Tsarlag will know that their M.O. isn't exactly accessibility, but Weisman weaves propulsive tapestries of analog ecstasy that border the lines between frayed wiring and possessed dance. She also flirts with haunted pieces of spectral psych that dial down the beat and spend some time floating in the ether. Both sides seem to mesh together into an amiable mix of militant and ethereal. She's got a great little tape out on Night People now and hopefully more of this to come.

[MP3] Coppertone - Every Night Club
[MP3] Coppertone - Gilded Age

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