Wet Hair / Naked on the Vague

Following on their excellent entry to this year's Bored Fortress 7" series, Wet Hair continue the collaboration train with a split with Naked on the Vague. Reed and Garbes continue to spill further into some enchanted noise-pop garden with burbling sounds and an innocent lilt that makes these tracks wiggle with more wonder than they've ever packed before. Definitely some of the strongest compositions we've heard from the pair yet. On the flip, Naked on the Vague also seem more at ease than they've been on previous releases, with some swirling pastoral jams that perfectly compliment Wet Hair's tracks. As their side winds on the band seems to delve deeper and deeper into their own personal rabbit hole of burbling noise, absorbing the listener with them as they sink. Both sides showcase some of the most intriguing music yet from the bands and as usual its packaged up nice in one of Shawn Reed's meticulously crafted sleeves.

[MP3] Wet Hair - The Labor of Love
[MP3] Naked on the Vague - Cryptic Tonsil

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