Sic Alps

Following an epic collection of their best singles and 12"s and a 90 degree pop turn on a single for Slumberland, breath was baited and anticipations high for what Sic Alps would turn out next. Though the more traditional pop fans drawn in by the "L Mansion" single may find themselves scratching their heads, those of us who've trodden the road thus far with the Alps have to see Napa Asylum as something of a welcomed continuation of their brilliantly scattershot catalog. Again tying on their perfect distillation of the Skip Spence school of loner blues, they weave through a healthy twenty-two tracks of patchwork pop and noise pitted gutter stomp. Seems weird to say that after such a lengthy ride I still want more. There's just something about the Alps' bone ragged delivery that sits right with me every time. Put this atop RSTB's 'most anticipated for 2011' list for sure!

[MP3] Sic Alps - Do You Want To Give $$?

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