Les Bellas

Sad to say, this one almost didn't see the light of day. Following a couple of great singles way back in '03, Les Bellas had a deal set up that fizzled before it cemented and so too did Les Bellas themselves, spreading out to other projects such as The Liminanas. In a similar vein to their spawn, Les Bellas refract the past through a prism of 20/20 hindsignt, playing garage-punk with just the right amount of soul and swagger. They pick covers with the deft perception and reinterpretation of The Detroit Cobras; though keeping a more detatched demeanor, never quite hitting the vampy cool that the Cobras' Rachael Nagy nails with ease. On the originals they smoke with the kind of brash delivery and loose tone that have made so many French garage releases such fun in the past few years. Thankfully SDZ and Les Disques Steak have rescued this gem from the scrap pile, unleashing its fuzz and hum on a deserving public.

[MP3] Les Bellas - It's A Crying Shame
[MP3] Les Bellas - You Got My Soul

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