White Hills – Stolen Stars Left for No One 12"
White Hills follow up an already outstanding album with three tracks that reach further into the ether of amplifier smoke and feedback glimmer. Opening the 12" up with the slow burning "Drift Away", the
band works up from the ground with deep swirls of smoke until igniting the last remaining minutes with their trademarked psych devastation. The B-Side splits its time between the Krauty, space-jam "Nothing Less" and "Don't Touch Me I'm Bleeding" which again taps into the band's ability to build walls of molten sound. Unlike the A-Side burner though, this one seems to build steam and then evaporate just as quickly. The whole 12" works amiably as a coda to their work earlier this year, proving just how close to the current pinnacle of the space-rock the band truly is. The packaging is a great homage to 70's bootleg art that more than fits the aestetic going on here.

[MP3] White Hills - Nothing Less

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