The Third Power – Believe
Farmington Hills' The Third Power came up in the same fertile Detroit underground that produced The MC5, Stooges, Bob Seger and fellow overlooked fuzz rockers SRC. The power trio fashioned themselves in the vein of Cream and often covered
the band's "I'm So Glad". Live, the band was deafening, though that quality doesn't really translate to the album. Instead the band focuses on production and vocalist Jem Targal's croon. As with many albums of its era, low distribution and a failure to translate live acclaim into radio crossover kept the band from reaching the acclaim they probably deserved. It was originally recorded for Vanguard Records but the label dropped the band when it was decided the album was too heavy for their current direction. Members of the band went on to play live with Bob Seger for some time after their demise, and guitarist Drew Abbot would go on to join Seger's Silver Bullet Band.

[MP3] The Third Power - Gettin' Together
[MP3] The Third Power - Persecution

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