Sean McCann

Until recently, if you wanted to drift in the wake of Sean McCann's blissful drones you'd need to break out the tape player and you'd need to be mighty quick to snap one of the limited tapes up before they went out of print. With the help of DNT, Sean make's the transition from the melted spools to his first piece of vinyl, a stunner of a record called Chances Are Staying. Opening things up in grand fashion with the sidelong drop into the abyss, "Labyrinth", things only get headier from there on in. McCann's usual guitar formations are augmented with loping violin and sax waves that compliment his crystalline tones and even move into relatively raucous territory for the veteran drone shepherd. This one's a little less scarce than his previous output but by no means abundant so move fast!

[MP3] Sean McCann - The World He Left Behind

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