Gärden Sound

Its a beautiful thing when a couple of our favorite bands decide to join forces and when news came in that Barn Owl were merging with the better part of Eternal Tapestry, needless to say the excitement was pretty damn high. Consisting of both Porras and Caminiti from Barn Owl and Dewey Mahood and Jed Bindeman from Eternal Tapestry, the group comes off as a perfect storm of heavy sludge and desolate, blackened-Earth devastation. Bindeman alternates between hypnotic and crushing, aided perfectly by the guitar maelstrom created by the remaining members. The idea of supergroups flew out the window with the last vestiges of the 70's but if there were still such a thing within the heavy psych spectrum then this would probably be the first qualifier. Unfortunately, just as with Barn Owl's Conjurer LP, Black Summit has quickly sold out from the label, but there remain copies at distros and probably a few sharp buying local stores as well.

[MP3] Gärden Sound - Beast of Burden

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