Ensemble Economique

Brian Pyle's Ensemble Economique has plowed through some of RSTB's favorite labels; hopping from Digitalis to an entry in Amish Records' Required Wreckers series and now landing with a release on Not Not Fun. Each record has built his sound into more expansive territories and with the release of Psychical Pyle's taken a turn to the dark side of the synth. Where Standing Still, Facing Forward explored the beauty of the California coast, this time Ensemble Economique is all about mining the darkness of the depths of the soul. It’s a headlong journey into frightening night, drones looming in the distance and voices calling out of the ether. Twists of guitar flay skittish drums all atop the constant panic of drone that lies heavy in the pit of your stomach. Definitely a nice counter point to the lightness of his other work this year and a seemingly perfect fit for the current crop of Not Not Fun creepers that came out recently.

[MP3] Ensemble Economique - Forever Eyes

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Anonymous Evan said...

it's funny how this blog is taglined as "Indie Rock News". it's much more than that. :)

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