Vulcan – Meet Your Ghost
Some lost treasures just resurface at the right time and after years of preparation in fuzzed psych acceptance; from Wooden Shjips to Purling Hiss and back through Afflicted Man and a whole catalog of Acid Mothers Temple, it seems its
about time for Vulcan to shine through. With a serious affinity for Hendrix apparent from the opening strains of the "Prelude" which takes notes from "EXP"-style psych, preparing listeners for an explosion of homespun fuzz and guitar acrobatics. The recent reissue rounds up Vulcan's full 70's album along with a second LP of "lost" tracks. The whole project swims in Lyle Steece's shadowy image, stylizing himself as the stranded son of an Alien race and running the arsenal of guitar effects full bore with his otherworldly prowess. Add to the LP an interview with Steece detailing ghostly encounters with Jimi's ghost, his alien past and affinity for tarot and the package is well worth the sticker. Limited to 600 vinyl copies and sure to be a collector's item the second time around as well.

[MP3] Vulcan - Lightning
[MP3] Vulcan - Noname

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