Outer Minds – Bloodshot Eyes 7"
Finally settling on the name Outer Minds after a few lineup shakeups and name mishaps, the group, which consists of members of Lover! and Baseball Furies, cranks out a great 60's inspired 7". The tracks on this pop nugget just get better as the
single moves forward, with A-side rocker "Bloodshot Eyes" laying a good base but being shrouded by the organ stabs that knock throughout "Ordinary." Then, once the whole trip is flipped over, the Minds show their uncanny ability to encapsulate the best of the 60's in a single track with "Until You're Dead" a buzzing, high harmonizing track that culminates in a killer coda and makes the plea for a whole album of this type of thing to surface very soon.

[MP3] Outer Minds - Until You're Dead

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