Not Not Fun has been absolutely slaying the releases this year. Between their Bored Fortress singles series and a constant rotation of genre-defining long players they've also managed to sneak out a few great 7"s of their own making. Here Amanda bids a forcefull swansong to Pocahaunted and Britt proves that Robedoor are quickly becoming kings of the short format.

Pocahaunted – Threshold 7"
Seems odd that it takes the final bow of a band to get them into a proper studio, but that's just what it would seem has happened here. Recording these two songs with a full five piece band at Louder in San Francisco, Pocahaunted has rarely sounded
clearer or more vivid. Both tracks still spin in a haze of pre-dawn psychedelic ephemera, but where before a cracked grime of basement recording lay its aura over the top of things, now each piece seems slotted precisely into place. The A-side barrels through a heated dance of fire and light with typically muted vocals swimming between bass hum and percussion clatter. On the flip its slowed down for one last shimmering saunter through the Pocahaunted valley. Its been an eventful trip but with L.A. Vampires going strong, I have no fear that good things are on the horizon and... dare to hope, perhaps something new from Vibes will surface soon.

[MP3] Pocahaunted - Threshold

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Robedoor – Pacific Drift 7"
Traditionally Robedoor have spent whole sides of LPs unfolding their dark chaos. Concise is not usually a word that would ever be associated with Britt Brown's trope of scorched earth wanders but this year they contributed a track to the Bored
Fortress series that played on the limitations of space provided by the 7" format and absolutely nailed a track that summed up their huge sound in a relatively short amount of space. With the release of "Pacific Drift" they repeat the feat, unleashing three short spirit divinations that swim in the vast watery grave once left open by Sabbath's "Planet Caravan". The shorter works still tie together into an overall arc of temperament, but they don't feel as invested as the marathon movements of most of their back catalog. It'll be interesting to see if Robedoor stay on this path and perhaps even craft a whole album in the vein of these shorter works but whatever happens they've released four brilliant tracks this year.

[MP3] Robedoor - Pacific Drift

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